8 Wintertime DIY Weatherization Techniques

Wintertime presents a lot of potential issues, including massive snowstorms, frigid temperatures and wind chills that can drop below zero. This is difficult enough on its own to deal with when you have everything necessary to keep your house warm and secure. But what happens if you can’t afford to use a lot of heat or, even worse, the SHTF and there’s no electricity or heat to use? Fortunately, there are several DIY weatherization techniques you can use to keep your home as warm as possible even under the worst circumstances. Photo by John Talbot 1. Find and Fix Air […]

6 Ways to Stay Warm Without Electricity [SHTF Preps]

If you read The Patriot Caller regularly, or live in an extremely cold climate, you already know how important it is to be prepared for both extreme cold temperatures AND facing those without the benefit of working utilities (electricity, natural gas, etc.) This means investing in backup energy systems, sure, such as solar and diesel generators. But what happens if you have not gotten to this point yet by the time an emergency arises? RELATED: The Free and Unlimited Way to Heat Your Home [VIDEO] Even if you’ve created a workable backup plan, an extended outage could deplete your gasoline or diesel […]