8 Wintertime DIY Weatherization Techniques

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Wintertime presents a lot of potential issues, including massive snowstorms, frigid temperatures and wind chills that can drop below zero.

This is difficult enough on its own to deal with when you have everything necessary to keep your house warm and secure. But what happens if you can’t afford to use a lot of heat or, even worse, the SHTF and there’s no electricity or heat to use?

Fortunately, there are several DIY weatherization techniques you can use to keep your home as warm as possible even under the worst circumstances.

Photo by John Talbot

1. Find and Fix Air Leaks

Are your windows or doors letting a lot of air into your house? There’s one surefire method for finding out that’s inexpensive and easy enough for anyone to do.

Simply take a stick of incense, light it, hold it near each window or door frame when it’s windy outside and watch what the smoke does. If it suddenly starts blowing in a different direction, this is a sign that air is leaking into the room.

Caulk on the inside and outside of the affected frame will help minimize air leakage, as will using weather stripping for doors. This is something that everyone should check at least once a year and fix ASAP.

Photo by Sean McMenemy

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