How to Build a Super Shelter (and Whether or Not You Should)

Whether you get lost deep in the woods or society completely crumbles, it’s going to be imperative to find shelter right away. In many cases, this means creating your own shelter out of nearby supplies. We have showcased several simplistic shelter builds in the past, and we’ve also touched on the concept of a super shelter. Now it’s time to dig more deeply into the super shelter idea to help you determine whether or not it will be a viable option when the SHTF. Photo from Survival Lily on YouTube

10 Self-Reliance Skills EVERYONE Should Learn

There are a number of skills that, no matter who you are, you MUST have a working knowledge of in order to be self-sufficient in a SHTF scenario. It’s essential that you know at least how to perform these tasks theoretically… even if you can’t boast any true, hands-on experience just yet. These aren’t necessarily difficult tasks. Some of them are as simple as knowing the proper way to cut down a tree. Others are simple overviews, common sense guides for how to perform fundamental tasks like the Heimlich maneuver. The key factor is that they’re all fact-checked and accurate. They […]