10 Survival Tricks From the “Movies” That Will Backfire

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Whether it’s blockbuster movies or TV shows, it often seems like common sense goes out the window and the rules of physics don’t apply to the good guys.

Although there are a few examples where Hollywood has made an attempt at realistically portraying the reality of everything from a fist fight to surviving an apocalyptic situation, the odds are high that most of the scenes you will recall during an emergency are more of a prime example of what not to do.

In fact, putting too much faith in Hollywood’s survival techniques could provide you with a one way ticket to an early grave.

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1. The CPR as a Miracle Worker Myth


CPR is an important thing to learn, and you could use it to save someone’s life someday. However, CPR does not work in the way that Hollywood depicts it.

First off, CPR is meant to help stabilize someone, not bring them back to life. Secondly, the success rate of CPR in the real world is typically 30 percent or less, so don’t expect it to somehow work miracles, especially if the recipient is in really bad shape.

It’s also critical to be aware that some CPR techniques may save a person’s life but also crack their ribs. In other words, if you do save someone, be prepared for them to go through a long recovery process.

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