Watch Him Shoot His Own Truck With a .50 Cal Sniper Rifle [VIDEO]

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When it comes to things you can ALWAYS count on when the going gets tough, the list is short but your trusty pickup is probably on it (right next to your dog). Right?

We love pickups (Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, etc.) as much as almost any other type of gear in the universe…

But if you put our love of half-ton pickups up against how much we’d love watching these same trusty pickups getting shot by a .50 Cal. (and even and anti-tank gun on the next page), it’s a tough call.

But we probably have to say it’s well worth watching as long as the pickup getting blasted isn’t ours!

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Just how much of a lickin’ can an all-American, “Ford tough” pickup take and keep tickin’? The series of videos you’re about to watch shows you exactly how much abuse America’s best-selling pickup can take.

Watch this videos to find out:

STEP 1: 50-Cal vs. F-150 V8 Engine Block

Click NEXT to see what an anti-tank gun does to this F150!

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