10 Places You’ll Want to Go if the Lights Go Out

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1. Your Own House

Many people believe that they need to leave the immediate area and “bug out” as soon as something big goes down.

But this may not actually be the best plan. After all, if you’ve prepared your home well and are able to secure the perimeter, your best option may be to simply stay put.

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As a prepper, the odds are high that your house is fortified with supplies, and you may already have a garden in place. Of course, if things have taken a turn for the worse in your specific neighborhood, it may be necessary to leave.

The presumption that getting in your car and heading for the hills is an automatic is extremely flawed, as we’ve explored in-depth in our article “The Biggest Mistake Preppers Make.”  Gridlock on the highways is a given, and the chances that rioters, looting, and martial law checkpoints may derail your travel plans is high.

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