10 Places You’ll Want to Go if the Lights Go Out

A power outage is never a good thing, even if it only lasts for a few hours. After all, it can lead to food spoilage, and it also brings with it the fear that something irregular is at fault. But a long-term grid outage, as the result of terrorism or sabotage, has the power to reduce any city in America into SHTF ground zero, where commerce, transportation, and law enforcement simply grind to a halt. For most preppers, all signs point toward a “bug out” scenario. But where do you go if the power goes out in your area, especially […]

Top 5 Emergency Generators for Your SHTF Power Plan

We’ve discussed the shocking vulnerability of America’s power grid (no pun intended) many times on these pages, and for good reason. The likelihood that an act of terrorism, a cyber attack, or even a simple equipment malfunction will turn out the lights across a massive slice of the country is very real. This type of “grid down” scenario could last hours, days, or even weeks, depending on the severity. The longer the outage, the more severe the consequences become, and more a well-thought-out backup plan pays off. When most of us consider this type of SHTF scenario, we immediately assume […]

6 Ways to Stay Warm Without Electricity [SHTF Preps]

If you read The Patriot Caller regularly, or live in an extremely cold climate, you already know how important it is to be prepared for both extreme cold temperatures AND facing those without the benefit of working utilities (electricity, natural gas, etc.) This means investing in backup energy systems, sure, such as solar and diesel generators. But what happens if you have not gotten to this point yet by the time an emergency arises? RELATED: The Free and Unlimited Way to Heat Your Home [VIDEO] Even if you’ve created a workable backup plan, an extended outage could deplete your gasoline or diesel […]

Wish List of a Self-Reliance Fanatic: 10 Gifts That Are Guaranteed to Turn Heads

  If we know one thing about those diehard members of the self-reliance movement, it’s that they have an awful lot of stuff. That’s a nice way of saying they’re nearly impossible to shop for. You may have friends like this. You may even be one yourself. People with this personality type are the prototypical “guy who has everything.” If you have someone like this on your shopping list, you’re in luck. Why? Because here at The Patriot Caller, we’ve accepted the challenge of sifting through the best of the top gear and coming up with the Top 10 Survival […]

The #1 Best Bug-Out Cabin ISN’T a Cabin? [VIDEO GALLERY]

When it comes to building your own “cabin in the woods,” the possibilities are virtually infinite, even if your budget is far from it. Many of you know this already. If not, you might take a moment to click through our post entitled “5 Mortgage Free Cabins.” Well, allow us to throw one more innovative idea into this already well-rounded mix: Is it possible that the most cost-effective option is to NOT build a costly permanent structure on your property? At least, not until you’re absolutely sure about your needs and your finances? RELATED: 5 Keys to Finding the Perfect Bug-Out […]

7 Ultra Resourceful Alternative Uses for Rubbing Alcohol [PICS]

Archeologists have found traces of ethyl alcohol (the type found in those fermented beverages we like so much) have been found in pottery dating at least as far back as the Neolithic period. With that said, we humans have had a very long time to figure out ways to use alcohol to make our lives easier, cleaner, and somewhat less sober. One byproduct of this long relationship with the stuff is that nearly every household has a semi-clear plastic bottle of rubbing alcohol sitting in a closet or medicine cabinet somewhere. Typically, the idea is to use miracle liquid to disinfect cuts […]

7 Deer Habitat Problems and How to Fix Them [VIDEO]

Are you seeing fewer mature deer on your hunts this year? It could be that several habitat issues are causing bigger, more mature bucks to avoid your property during the daylight hours, if not entirely. Just because you have that monster buck on camera, and you’re seeing does and fawns regularly, chances are still very high that the elusive big buck has noticed many things about your hunting area that aren’t obvious to your human eyes. Surprisingly, there are significant differences between what immature deer notice versus older does and bucks. They might as well be different species. Some of […]

20 Weird (But Effective!) DIY Home Remedies [PICS]

For years, the so-called health experts scoffed at the phrase “home remedies,” dismissing many of these powerful old world cures as superstitious nonsense, old wives tales, or worse… In recent years, however, study after study shows that many of these old fashioned cures actually work, sometimes better than the drugs at the pharmacy and will far less side effects. Better results with fewer risks… that’s a deal we’ll make every single time. These simple remedies are not only effective, but almost all of them involve simple everyday items you have sitting around your house. For example, did you know that […]

8 Weird Ways to Seal a Wound and Save Your Life [STEP-BY-STEP]

Serious wounds can quickly lead to medical complications and worse, especially if you find yourself in without access to timely medical assistance. After all, what happens if you are deep in the woods or dealing with life after the SHTF? Unfortunately, even a smaller wound could end up leading to major trouble if left untreated. You don’t have to be dealing with massive trauma or the risk of bleeding to death for situations to become dire. With this in mind, it is imperative to be aware of some proven DIY methods for treating a wound.

Shooting Mishaps: First Time Shooter Fails [VIDEO]

Tragically, many Americans never get the opportunity to learn to shoot and that is just plain wrong. Introducing new shooters to the wonderful world of marksmanship is of paramount importance for any firearms enthusiast.  The future sanctity of the 2nd Amendment (among other things) depends on it. BUT… it’s also extremely important that each new shooter is introduced to shooting sports the right way, safely. Many of the folks in the video below aren’t first time shooters and have no excuse but to plead stupidity. The others, many of them women, simply didn’t receive the proper coaching necessary to make their […]