20 Weird (But Effective!) DIY Home Remedies [PICS]

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For years, the so-called health experts scoffed at the phrase “home remedies,” dismissing many of these powerful old world cures as superstitious nonsense, old wives tales, or worse…

In recent years, however, study after study shows that many of these old fashioned cures actually work, sometimes better than the drugs at the pharmacy and will far less side effects. Better results with fewer risks… that’s a deal we’ll make every single time.

These simple remedies are not only effective, but almost all of them involve simple everyday items you have sitting around your house.

For example, did you know that cloves can be used as a natural painkiller and as the primary ingredient for a DIY mouthwash.

Read on to learn more about some unusual ways that you can utilize everyday supplies to fix a diverse list of issues.

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