7 Deer Habitat Problems and How to Fix Them [VIDEO]


Are you seeing fewer mature deer on your hunts this year? It could be that several habitat issues are causing bigger, more mature bucks to avoid your property during the daylight hours, if not entirely.

Just because you have that monster buck on camera, and you’re seeing does and fawns regularly, chances are still very high that the elusive big buck has noticed many things about your hunting area that aren’t obvious to your human eyes.

Surprisingly, there are significant differences between what immature deer notice versus older does and bucks. They might as well be different species. Some of these things are as plain as the nose on your face to the type of deer you’re dreaming of shooting.

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The good news is that you can fix all of these problems in a fairly short timeframe with the proper plan. Watch this video to see if you’re running all of the mature bucks off of your property.

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