Shooting Mishaps: First Time Shooter Fails [VIDEO]


Tragically, many Americans never get the opportunity to learn to shoot and that is just plain wrong.

Introducing new shooters to the wonderful world of marksmanship is of paramount importance for any firearms enthusiast.  The future sanctity of the 2nd Amendment (among other things) depends on it.

BUT… it’s also extremely important that each new shooter is introduced to shooting sports the right way, safely.

Many of the folks in the video below aren’t first time shooters and have no excuse but to plead stupidity. The others, many of them women, simply didn’t receive the proper coaching necessary to make their first experience a success.

Some had an improper stance. Others weren’t shown proper grip techniques. In any case, these first-timers were shockingly unprepared to fire a deadly weapon and that is a shame… or worse.

From a purely academic standpoint, these incidents are also HIGHLY ENTERTAINING!

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