10 Places You’ll Want to Go if the Lights Go Out

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8. A Restricted Area

outage 8

If the power goes out today, it will not be smart to try to infiltrate a restricted area tomorrow.

However, if the power has been out for several months and you need a new place to shelter, you may be able to find supplies in a restricted area that is no longer being protected.

Any shuttered industrial complex, mining operation, or shipyard (particularly one that’s been closed for years) will almost certainly be abandoned by any security personnel.

The electric fence will not be a deterrent any longer, but the presence of fences and “restricted area” signs are virtually certain to scare off most people.

In other words, one of these spots could be ideal after society as we know it has completely crumbled. Just make sure the area is truly empty before you begin using it.

Photo by Shankar S.

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