3 Reasons The Best Gun in a Collapse is NOT a Firearm

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2. Silence is Golden

While the loud bang of a rifle or handgun firing has its romantic aspects, the fact is that it’s also pretty inconvenient. So are those annoying ear plugs.

Even for those who love the sound of a muzzle blast, they’re not typically willing to damage their hearing to fully enjoy it. With a pellet gun, there’s no need for ear protection.

Additionally, the quiet pop emitted by an air rifle isn’t likely to be overhead by others. In a situation where you don’t want anyone to know that you’re there, much less your general location, it’s hard to beat a pellet gun.

NOTE: Most anyone can determine the general direction of a shooter by simply hearing him shoot twice. With a little training and knowledge of the local terrain, you can nearly pinpoint the location of a shooter once he’s fired.

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