Watch This 14-Year-Old Girl Destroy the Tactical Range [VIDEO]

Parents everywhere, take note: Tactical shooting is not a boys-only sport… not by a long shot. While many of our readers compete in tactical shooting competitions as a hobby, we doubt any of them can keep up with this rising star in 3 gun competition shooting, Katie Francis. Not even old enough to get her driver’s license, this girl can shoot pistols, shotguns, and long rifles better than most grown men ever will. As impressive as her shooting is, her maturity and focus on the range is what makes her truly exceptional. You can help but to be impressed with […]

8 Essential Oil Uses for Preppers [DIY REMEDIES]

Essential oils are naturally occurring, and they are usually obtained through the distillation process from flowers and other sources. The result is an oil that has the fragrance of the source it has been extracted from, and each of these oils has been found to offer different benefits. For example, some oils are good for relieving pain, while others are more helpful at calming anxiety. Learning how to properly use essential oils is very important for preppers. After all, as long as the flowers and other plants that these oils are extracted from are still available, you will be able […]

Watch This Crazy “Snake Lady” Get Bitten Repeatedly [VIDEO]

Look, there’s really no reason to have a paralyzing fear of snakes (too many folks are already too scared of those rascally legless serpents), but a healthy respect for them seems only prudent — even if they’re not venomous. Clearly, the woman in this video has no fear. In fact, she may have a problem on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum… The question is whether she has any respect for these snakes, a question you have plenty of time to ponder as she sticks her hands into all kinds of dark, creepy places in search of snakes. RELATED: Cottonmouthzilla: Hunters […]

SHTF Dentistry: How to Pull Your Own Teeth (No Doorknob Required)

Do you think you have what it takes to pull your own teeth? People did it for ages before modern dentistry came around. In fact, you can even imagine it without much effort. The act is sometimes depicted on TV and movies, and if you have ever watched the film Castaway, you remember what Chuck Nolan (Tom Hanks) had to do to survive while stranded on a remote island. In the film, Nolan had to teach himself survival skills such as how to start a fire from scratch and how to make a new ‘friend’ on a deserted island using […]

DIY Dentistry: How to Fix a Cavity with Eggshells

Practicing excellent oral hygiene can help you keep your teeth and gums healthy and prevent dental issues such as cavities from occurring. While brushing, flossing and regular visits can help alleviate problems, cavities and other issues can still form in your mouth over time. Although most current dental practices use modern methods to fill a cavity, there are effective natural treatments that can help promote actually healing your teeth. One practice in particular that is very effective involves a common household item you discard every day without thinking about it – eggshells. To effectively rebuild the teeth, you need to find […]

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GoPro Camera Falls into Massive Rattlesnake Den [VIDEO]

The launch of the affordable and nearly indestructible GoPro camera has unleashed a tidal wave of amazing footage onto the internet. Some of this footage is impressive for the courage it took to film it, some is impressive for the stupidity for which the footage serves as evidence. This video is somewhere right in between the two. On the one hand, the person guiding this camera had to get dangerously close to a massive rattlesnake den. On the other hand, that’s not the smartest idea in the world…. and neither is dangling a hastily security camera into a pit of hostile […]

The World’s Best Knife Sharpener (HINT: You Already Own It)

Every hunter or fisherman eventually forgets to pack that very important item, no matter how thoughtful their preparations. In our experience, it’s remembering the knife but forgetting the sharpening stone. Well, here’s an ingenious backup solution that will prevent you from ever having to deal with a dull blade again… When it comes to sharpening your knives, the best sharpener is the one that’s there when you need it. If that sharpening stone just happens to be free, all the better! RELATED: Top 5 Pocket Knives for Wilderness Survival Necessity is the mother of invention, and resourcefulness is the Boy […]

How to Avoid and Survive Wild Animal Attacks [STEP-BY-STEP]

Whether you are simply enjoying the great outdoors or have fled into the wilderness because the SHTF, it is imperative to be aware that there are numerous animals that will attack and even kill humans if they feel threatened or provoked. Steering clear of these creatures is the best course of action, but it is also not always possible. Therefore, you need to develop a basic understanding of how to deal with the animals that you are most likely to encounter. Keep in mind that there is no one size fits all approach, which means that you need to be […]

3 Reasons The Best Gun in a Collapse is NOT a Firearm

Countless pages have been written on the topic of “best guns to have in a survival scenario.” We’ve certainly written our share… But let’s consider something heretical for a moment. What if the best gun to have in a SHTF scenario ISN’T a firearm at all? What if it’s a pellet gun? It seems downright sacrilegious to most shooters out there, yet these benefits speak for themselves. There are a number of advantages that the type of weapon offers over a traditional firearm that many of us fail to recognize. RELATED: The Top 5 Shotguns for Home Defense We believe that once you’ve read […]

Watch Him Shoot Each US Military Rifle Since 1776 [VIDEO]

Hickok45 is a YouTube celebrity, sure, but don’t let that fool you. He also happens to be one of the most knowledgable firearms experts out there, especially when it comes to shooting them. If you’ve watched his YouTube channel, you know just how many rounds this guy plows through. In fact, today’s firearms lesson spans each major infantry rifle in US military history and the innovations each firearm brought to America’s arsenal. Hickok takes you from the flintlock rifle used in the American Revolutionary War through the M4 carbine being carried by our men and women in uniform today. RELATED: […]