Watch This Crazy “Snake Lady” Get Bitten Repeatedly [VIDEO]


Look, there’s really no reason to have a paralyzing fear of snakes (too many folks are already too scared of those rascally legless serpents), but a healthy respect for them seems only prudent — even if they’re not venomous.

Clearly, the woman in this video has no fear. In fact, she may have a problem on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum…

The question is whether she has any respect for these snakes, a question you have plenty of time to ponder as she sticks her hands into all kinds of dark, creepy places in search of snakes.

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And yes, many of these snakes are pissed off and communicate as much with their fangs. The amazing thing is that she apparently does not mine getting bit repeatedly by these Erie Water Snakes (some of which look incredibly similar to cottonmouths).

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