Watch This 14-Year-Old Girl Destroy the Tactical Range [VIDEO]


Parents everywhere, take note: Tactical shooting is not a boys-only sport… not by a long shot.

While many of our readers compete in tactical shooting competitions as a hobby, we doubt any of them can keep up with this rising star in 3 gun competition shooting, Katie Francis.

Not even old enough to get her driver’s license, this girl can shoot pistols, shotguns, and long rifles better than most grown men ever will. As impressive as her shooting is, her maturity and focus on the range is what makes her truly exceptional.

You can help but to be impressed with how natural she looks through her shots and transitions, calmly drilling her targets, switching guns, and then back to focused firing.

You know her dad has to be super proud, not just of her shooting abilities, but her unshakable confidence and nerves of steel under pressure. That’ll put a smile on any father’s face.

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