3 Reasons The Best Gun in a Collapse is NOT a Firearm

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3. Effectiveness (VIDEO)


Many air rifle enthusiasts would argue that this should come first on the list:

No only do modern air rifles operate cheaply and quietly, but they can also match the velocity and impact energy of a rimfire weapon.

Many of the mid-level air rifles fire a .22 or .177 caliber pellet at roughly the same velocity as a traditional .22lr (1200 feet per second). When you combine that velocity with some of the specialty ammunition out there (yes, hollow point and expanding tips are available), you can take down virtually any small game.

For many old school shooters, it’s hard to reimagine the air rifle as an effective hunting weapon, even though most of us have a steadfast belief in the .22lr’s effectiveness.

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Most of this is probably rooted in the BB guns we shot as youngsters. The thing is, these air rifles are much more serious weapons than the Red Rider BB Guns of yore. We dare say that these modern pellet guns could take down a deer, or perhaps even a human, just like a .22lr has been known to do.

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