30 Survival Uses for Duct Tape

15. Fix Boots and Shoes – A good pair of boots will be very desirable when the SHTF, but they are eventually going to end up with cracks or holes. Use duct tape to extend the useful life of your footwear.

16. Restore Your Water Bottle – A pierced hydration bladder or cracked water bottle can be extremely problematic. Dry the bottle or bladder first, and then perform the necessary repair with duct tape.

17. Fishing Pole Repair – Find a stick and tape it to your fishing pole. This will provide some stability and may allow you to use the pole one or two more times. You can also use this trick for tent poles.

18. Fix Your Work Gloves – You can repair your work gloves by folding the sticky side in over the busted seams. Be sure to press together firmly to hold the seam together.

19. Keep Your Bug Out Vehicle in Good Repair – There’s nothing worse than having a leaking hose derail your getaway plans. You can temporarily fix this and several other issues, including a broken taillight, by using duct tape.

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