10 of the World’s Most Amazing Working Dogs

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Dogs may be man’s best friend, but some of them go far beyond our basic expectations of their species.

In fact, it is more common than you might realize for dogs to have important jobs that help keep all of us safe. These four-legged workers are also useful for farming and a long list of other tasks.

Consider the lesson of each of the dogs listed in this video gallery when you are deciding whether or not to add one of these animals to your survival plans.


1. Skidboot: This Cowdog is Smarter Than His Owner

NEXT UP: Watch these Police Dog take down idiotic criminals!


2. AWESOME: Police Dogs Takes Down Criminals!

These dogs are trained to do everything from sniffing out the presence of narcotics to pinning a suspect to the ground. The video above showcases police dogs in action. It also has graphic content, so you might not want to watch if your kids are in the room.

Retired police dogs often need to be adopted, and this could be an ideal choice as long as the animal hasn’t sustained any permanent injuries while on the job.

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