30 Survival Uses for Duct Tape

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1We all know that duct tape is the mother of all “handyman hacks.” Its uses are basically endless, ranging from basic repairs, to DIY duct tape wallets, all the way to making a duct tape tuxedo.

For peppers, however, tuxedos are low on the list. Instead, those interested in the art of self-reliance need to be aware of all of the SHTF benefits that are associated with stashing a few rolls of this durable tape in their bug out bag.

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The reality is that you won’t want to deal with an apocalyptic situation without having some duct tape on hand. And that ain’t no joke.  Although there are most certainly many more reasons to invest in duct tape, here are 30 of the top survival uses for this “hyper-multipurpose” product.

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First Aid Purposes


1. Create a Bandage – Do you have a wound but no bandages or medical tape? You can affix a sterile dressing with duct tape. Alternatively, you can place paper towel or toilet paper over the wound and then tape over it to make a bandage.

2. Support a Sprained Ankle – Duct tape can be used in a pinch to provide support for a sprained ankle. Simply wrap the tape around the wounded ankle to make it easier to walk.

3. Cover a Blister – Blisters can be extremely painful if not properly cared for. Place some cotton over the blister and then cover it with duct tape. No matter what you do, make absolutely certain that the duct tape does not actually touch the blister.

4. Make a Sling – By folding duct tape in half to get rid of the sticky side, you can create an emergency sling for your shoulder or arm. This will require a lot of duct tape, though, which is another good reason to have several rolls on hand.

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5. Signal Rescue Workers – Assuming there are still any rescue workers to signal, you can use reflective or brightly colored duct tape to make it easier for help to find you during an emergency.

6. Support Broken Ribs – No time to stop and allow your ribs to heal? Put on a fitted shirt and then wrap your ribs several times with duct tape to provide them with much-needed support.

7. Get Rid of Splinters – Splinters are painful and hard to remove, but duct tape will make the process much easier. Dry the area completely, then put duct tape over it and yank quickly.

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