30 Survival Uses for Duct Tape

Miscellaneous Ways to Use Duct Tape


20. Duct Tape Belt – You might need a belt to hold your pants up due to the weight you’ll lose after the SHTF. You can create one by running a long length of duct tape through your belt loops. Be sure to stick the tape to itself and leave a few extra inches so that you can peel it apart when needed.

21. Secure a Hostile Individual – Has someone become hostile or even broken into your shelter? You can secure them by using duct tape as handcuffs.

22. Create Rope – It won’t work as well as paracord, but you can use several lengths of duct tape to create a makeshift rope.

23. Keep Your Food Fresh – Whether you are dealing with a can or a bag, you can use duct tape to seal your food containers so that nothing gets stale.

24. Make a Shelter – All you need is duct tape and some trash bags to make a quick shelter that will cover your head.

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