7 Things Billionaire Preppers Don’t Want You to Know

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4. Edible Plants Identification Must Happen Where You Will Take Shelter


We would all like to believe that we’ll be able to identify edible plants when the SHTF, but the reality is that looking at a book and trying to find food you can eat in the wild are two very different things. This problem can quickly become exacerbated if you end up in a different area and don’t know what to look for as a result.

When rich people attend the prepper resort, they do so with the assumption that they will head to the Northern Rockies when the time comes. As a result, their edible plants identification class works with real-life samples, and this is an important usage of time.

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We encourage each of you to get into the woods in your local area and learn how to identify edible plants nearby.

Remember: the odds are high that you will need to shelter in place, at least for a while, so familiarity with local plants is a must.

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