How to Sight in Your Deer Rifle in 5 Steps [SUPER SIMPLE]

Get a Rock Solid Rest

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Just as most shooters seem to want to shoot all of their mix and match ammo at the target range, many also avoid creating a stable, sturdy rifle rest.

Look, we fully understand. You’re at deer camp, time is short, and you just want to go fire off a few rounds to check your sights…

The problem is that, once again, you’re introducing a new variable with a shaky, half-assed rest. It’s far from ideal if your goal is to fire the rifle at a very specific and consistent spot in order to make adjustments. As usual, an ounce of prevention (or preparation in this case) is worth a pound of cure.

It seems easier to just set up some kind of flimsy shooting setup, but the results will be poor and it can easily cost you double the effort and frustration.

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