UPDATE: One of These 7 Guns is the Next “Official Sidearm of the US Military”

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As you may know, the US Armed Forces is on the hunt for the next official Joint Combat Pistol for the entire US Military. Yes, it’s kind of a big deal…

In the 1980s, the Beretta M9A1 was chosen to replace the iconic M1911A1.

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Many veterans and 1911 fans never forgave the Department of Defense for what they considered a huge blunder. Not to mention, they gave an Italian firearms company the most coveted sidearms contract on the planet…

Fast forward to 2017, where a fresh clash of the titans is underway to decide which semi-automatic pistol will follow the M9 in the history of US military firearms. The new contract competition, called the MHS (Modular Handgun System), calls for a few specifics in terms of accuracy and accessories, though there are plenty of popular models that fill these criteria.


On January 19th, the US Armed Forces declared an official winner for the MHS contract. Click here for a the full breakdown.

Once again, the list of manufacturers that participated in the competition reads like a wish list for semi-auto handgun enthusiasts. While this is not an exhaustive list, these are 7 of the finest tactical handguns available.

Is your favorite pistol on the list? Take a tour through the 7 Finalists to find out…

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