Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Talks Hunting, Smoking Brisket


From Silicon Valley to the woods? Surprisingly, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently spoke out about his appreciation for hunting and hunters (scroll down for video).

The fact that he did so while livestreaming from a backyard BBQ makes his comments seem much more believable, and we have to admit that we’re as impressed as we are surprised.

After all, we would have never been able to imagine Zuckerberg disconnected from technology and sitting in a tree blind.

You might be wondering if Zuckerberg actually hunts or is merely content to sit back and let others do it for him. According to the video, he doesn’t do it often, but he has been going hunting on sporadic occasions for the past four to five years.

The tech guru also mentioned that he believes cooking meat on a grill for a long period of time provides a better flavor, as does grilling something you personally provided by hunting.

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This may not fit in with the typical vision of who Zuckerberg is, and it certainly doesn’t appear to blend in with his latest virtual reality innovations. However, this does help showcase how dangerous it could be to stereotype someone during an emergency situation. After the SHTF, people might assume that someone like Zuckerberg would be lightweight who could be easily overpowered for his supplies.

The reality, though, is that Zuckerberg knows how to handle a rifle and is willing to hunt for his food. Keep this in mind when you encounter computer enthusiasts after society crumbles.

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