Hunting Nightmares: These Misses are So Bad it Hurts [VIDEO]

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In this day and age, given the highly advanced optics and magnification on our rifles, there’s no excuse for poor accuracy when it comes to the weapons you bring on the hunt.

Still, whether a product of a mishap, ignorance, or just plain laziness, plenty of hunters are carrying dangerously inaccurate rifles into the field.

Carrying a weapon you consider to be “untested” never inspires confidence on part of the shooter, and for good reason. It’s a bad feeling. And it should certainly make you think twice.

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Confidence is a huge part of being both effective and safe with a weapon in your hands. Good marksmanship goes far beyond just aiming and pulling the trigger. Click to the next slide to see a worst-case scenario (for 1 hunter and 1 poor rabbit) that illustrates what can happen if your optics are not properly maintained.

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