11 Non-lethal Self-Defense Gifts for the Prepper That Has Everything

Are you looking for a practical gift for someone you know that is really into self-defense? Like, we mean really into it… as in they have bought every gadget and weapon under the sun that even resembles self-defense gear. That kind of devotion can leave you wondering what to get the pro self-defense addict. Well, never fear. That kind of devotion needs a lot of support to maintain it, and here are 11 unique gift ideas we’ve come across for the pro self-defense addict that definitely won’t end up in the landfill or return rack.

CRAZY: 2 Huge Bobcats Face Off in Suburban Front Yard [VIDEO]

Lots of suburbanites can relate to waking up to the sound of a morning catfight going on in the bushes outside their front window. But this bizarre catfight takes it to a whole new level… In fact, the sound of these two bobcats squaring off in a suburban Dallas front yard is enough to make you wet the bed. Just listen to these cats go, wow! Luckily it was caught on tape, or no one would ever believe that there was no just one large bobcat trolling this quiet Carrolton, TX neighborhood, but two. Two cats is all it takes to […]

6 Weird Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches (or a lighter)

Every hiking or hunting backpack, bug-out bag, and backcountry off-road vehicle should include at least one fire starter. Whether that’s a simple Bic lighter or an elaborate $40 fire tool, the important thing is that it makes fire on demand. Even better, your fire tool should work in all weather conditions (we recommend the old military issue magnesium fire starter). Because, let’s face it, chances are that if you somehow get lost or stranded in the middle of nowhere, it will probably be raining or snowing. That’s the way bad luck works. No matter how many great tools you have at […]

RPG Vs. 16 Inches of Bulletproof Glass [VIDEO]

We can’t get enough of watching people fire weapons at inanimate objects of all shapes and sizes — just to see what will happen. Why do they shoot these things, you might ask? To quote the famous Mt. Everest climber, George Mallory, “Because it’s there.” At Patriot Caller, we’re big supporters of this type of research. And if you’re interested in what it might be like to live in a worst-case crisis situation, it may even be useful to know exactly what an rocket propelled grenade might do a 18-inch thick piece of bulletproof glass. For these reasons and more, […]

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Top 3 Deer Hunting Handguns (Yes, Handguns) [PICS]

When it comes to deer hunting firearms, the traditional weapon of choice is a scoped bolt-action rifle. In fact, so many hunters carry these rifles that a novice might even think that it’s the only legal option. Not so fast. The truth is, a lot of folks find it more fun or challenging to trade the bolt-action for a lever-action, shotgun with slugs, or even a handgun. Given their shorter range, larger calibers, and smaller dimensions, handguns offer a unique challenge for hunters who are ready to stray from the bolt-action herd. If you have operational archery blinds that you can […]

Watch This Crazy Guy Poking an Anaconda With a Stick [VIDEO]

Although the Anaconda movie franchises were mostly horrifically funny, rather than horrifically terrifying, that doesn’t mean you can take the actual snakes lightly. As you can see from this video, one man decided that a huge anaconda laying up on the side of a swamp was something to be toyed with… Hopefully we can all learn from his mistakes. Anaconda’s rarely hunt humans, though encounters can be very dangerous due to the snakes’ size. Green anacondas, the largest species of these snakes, have been known to top 15 feet in length and weigh in at over 150 pounds. Lucky for […]

Hunting Nightmares: These Misses are So Bad it Hurts [VIDEO]

In this day and age, given the highly advanced optics and magnification on our rifles, there’s no excuse for poor accuracy when it comes to the weapons you bring on the hunt. Still, whether a product of a mishap, ignorance, or just plain laziness, plenty of hunters are carrying dangerously inaccurate rifles into the field. Carrying a weapon you consider to be “untested” never inspires confidence on part of the shooter, and for good reason. It’s a bad feeling. And it should certainly make you think twice. RELATED: How to Hunt Like a Pro Your First Time Out  Confidence is a huge […]

10 Knots That are Essential (and easy) to Master

Every outdoorsman needs to know how to tie a wide variety of knots. Because, as the saying goes: If you don’t know a knot, tie a lot… The takeaway being, of course, knowing how to tie a proper knot can save you tons of time. While time is certainly one of our most precious resources, knowing how to properly tie knots that hold can save you much more than time: If you’re hauling a load, the right knot can save your cargo… If you’re tying a boat, a knot can save you from having to dive in after your drifting boat… If […]

Farmer Gets Snakebit “Down There” While Urinating in Field [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

WARNING: Male readers gird your loins, as you are about to read one of the most horrifyingly nightmarish tales ever to grace the pages of The Patriot Caller.  A 46-year-old man has endured possibly the most painful (physically and emotionally) snakebite in human history, after he was bit on the penis by venomous Levantine viper while casually relieving himself in a field. Ouch. According to his case, chronicled in the New England Journal of Medicine, the man was rushed to a nearby hospital in Kasmir where doctors luckily had a dose of the proper antivenin. RELATED: Will a Bite from […]

8 Ways to Open a Beer Without a Bottle Opener [VIDEO]

Congratulations on arriving at this article. You’ve taken the critical first step in solving one of the most distressing survival challenges facing millions of Americans: How to open a beer in a scenario where you’ve forgotten your bottle opener. It’s very scary, we know, but it does happen. And when it does, you must have a worthy backup plan… or you and your loved ones may be forced to do without. Expert opinions regarding where exactly beer falls on the “Human Survival Hierarchy” vary widely. While some rank it below air, shelter, water and food, others would point out that beer […]