CRAZY: 2 Huge Bobcats Face Off in Suburban Front Yard [VIDEO]


Lots of suburbanites can relate to waking up to the sound of a morning catfight going on in the bushes outside their front window. But this bizarre catfight takes it to a whole new level…

In fact, the sound of these two bobcats squaring off in a suburban Dallas front yard is enough to make you wet the bed. Just listen to these cats go, wow!

Luckily it was caught on tape, or no one would ever believe that there was no just one large bobcat trolling this quiet Carrolton, TX neighborhood, but two. Two cats is all it takes to have a noisy and potentially violent turf war.

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The encroachment of cities into traditional wildlife habitats has produced a number of similar sightings. But it’s also true that many suburban environments create a new draw for coyotes, deer, foxes, bears, and bobcats. With abundant food, few predators and virtually zero predator control, there’s simply no reason for these animals not to take up residence in a suburban creek or greenbelt.

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