8 Ways to Open a Beer Without a Bottle Opener [VIDEO]

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Congratulations on arriving at this article. You’ve taken the critical first step in solving one of the most distressing┬ásurvival challenges facing millions of Americans:

How to open a beer in a scenario where you’ve forgotten your bottle opener.

It’s very scary, we know, but it does happen. And when it does, you must have a worthy backup plan… or you and your loved ones may be forced to do without.

Expert opinions regarding where exactly beer falls on the “Human Survival Hierarchy” vary widely.

While some rank it below air, shelter, water and food, others would point out that beer contains both water and caloric nourishment.

No matter whether it ranks at the top or near the bottom of the list, all true experts agree on one thing: Beer is on the list somewhere.

Photo: Jessie Lynn McMains, Flickr

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