RPG Vs. 16 Inches of Bulletproof Glass [VIDEO]

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We can’t get enough of watching people fire weapons at inanimate objects of all shapes and sizes — just to see what will happen.

Why do they shoot these things, you might ask? To quote the famous Mt. Everest climber, George Mallory, “Because it’s there.”

At Patriot Caller, we’re big supporters of this type of research. And if you’re interested in what it might be like to live in a worst-case crisis situation, it may even be useful to know exactly what an rocket propelled grenade might do a 18-inch thick piece of bulletproof glass.

For these reasons and more, we present to you this strange Russian footage (leave it to the Russians to take RPGs to the target range).


Bulletproof does not equal RPG-proof. You don’t want to sit behind 16-inches of glass when someone shoots an RPG at you.

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