Long Range Shooting 101: Top 5 Rifles and Calibers for Survivalists

.30-06 Springfield

30-06If you’re looking for bang for your buck, look no further than the .30-06 Springfield. This round served as the primary sniper round for the US from WWI through the first half of Vietnam, when the Army and USMC decided to jointly adopt the .308 as their standard.

Don’t let that be the reason you overlook this round because many shooters do. It’s inexpensive and available virtually everywhere ammo is sold. Not to mention, many factory made long-range rifles are chambered in .30-06.

The .30-06 can launch a 175-grain bullet at over 2600fps, and many shooters would argue that it has better long-range ballistics than the .308. To top it all off, the recoil from this round isn’t nearly as punishing as the .300 Win Mag.

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