Customize Your Tool Grips With Paracord in Minutes [How-To]

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paracordIf you’ve been to a gun show or outdoor expo recently, then you probably noticed that tons of guides and experts were wearing bracelets made from a thin piece of rope, AKA “paracord.”

Paracord, in case you’re not aware, is an extremely strong form of nylon rope designed for parachutes — hence the name.

These bracelets are actually more than just a fashion statement. When unwound, these bracelets are a powerful survival resource.

Because they were designed to be used in life-or-death situations (parachutes) you can count on these cords being super strong.

These paracord bracelets, keychains, and necklaces (you can find them for sale in various forms) have hundreds of uses… handcuffs, traps, rifle slings, etc.

To illustrate just how versatile this small rope is, I decided to come up with a quick list of 25 uses. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Makeshift belt
  • Tie-downs for tents, tarps, cargo
  • Hang food in trees away from wildlife
  • To tie a holster/sheath to your leg
  • Replacement boot laces
  • Clothesline
  • Tie bundles of kindling
  • Carry strap for your compass
  • Hang a lantern
  • Makeshift net
  • Makeshift hammock
  • Splint broken fingers
  • Wrap around your hands for emergency gloves
  • Rifle sling
  • Stringer (for fish)
  • Hang deer and game for dressing
  • Tow rope (braid several strands together)
  • Pull cord for small engine (lawnmower, chainsaw, etc.)
  • Replacement grip for hand tools
  • Emergency tourniquet
  • Trip wire
  • Dog/pet leash
  • Makeshift handcuffs
  • Trotline or jug line
  • Repair broken straps


I’m sure I left out about a thousand other uses for this stuff… Share your favorite paracord uses in the comments section below!

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