UPDATE: One of These 7 Guns is the Next “Official Sidearm of the US Military”

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Beretta APX


If you haven’t noticed, basically every gun on this list is strikingly similar. The Beretta APX clearly follows suit. In fact, the APX has been designed from the ground up to win Beretta’s US-based manufacturing the coveted MHS contract.

After years of its status as stalwart, driving firearm trends, Beretta seems to be diving straight into a very hot (and crowded) me-too territory.

On the flip side, the APX is a very top notch polymer handgun, with engineering and reliability that sure to be best-in-class. Plus, you get the comfort and status of seeing the word Beretta on the side of it.

The APX is a striker fired handgun, with a loaded chamber indicator. It has a built-in rail system for mounting lights and other accessories. There are also a number of handy safety mechanisms to prevent the gun from discharging when dropped, or during hasty cleanings where a shooter has neglected to empty the chamber.

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