This Chart Will Immediately Improve Your Pistol Shooting [STEP-BY-STEP]

NRA-Infographic1The best shooters in the world are the ones who strive to master the fundamentals relentlessly. None of these 6 fundamentals will make the bullets hit the bullseye.

Instead, they focus on how you hold on target and squeeze the trigger, i.e. the variables the shooter actually controls.

Jams, variations in ammo quality, misfires, etc. Those are variables that aren’t controlled directly at the point of the shot.

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Focus, breathing technique, sight alignment, and proper trigger control are the shooter’s primary variables. By focusing on these factors and tuning out the obstacles you can’t control, this is how you optimize you shooting abilities.

To help you determine what you’re doing right (and wrong) check out the NRA’s awesome pistol shooting chart:

1. Sight Alignment


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