This Chart Will Immediately Improve Your Pistol Shooting [STEP-BY-STEP]

Hold Still

gunfailIt ain’t rocket science folks. You gotta hold still if you want to shoot accurately.

What this graphic leaves out (and it’s a pretty huge omission) is adopting a proper stance. Holding still and the following step addressing follow-through, are made simple with the proper stance.

And they’re almost impossible with an improper stance. Make your your stance is comfortable, weight distributed evenly if not a little forward, with your feet roughly shoulder width apart.

If you’ve taught a lot of folks to shoot over the years, you know that for some reason, they tend to put their weight on the back foot. When the gun fires, the recoil pushes them back and the barrel goes way up.

It’s natural for new shooters to want to create as much distance between themselves and muzzle blast as possible. Ironically, this instinct gives them less control and makes them far less safe.


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