Snake Shooters: Top 5 Small Game Handguns [PICS]

bondarmsBond Arms Snake Slayer

True to its name, this is more or less the ultimate snake shooter straight out of the box, so to speak. So what truly sets it apart?

To begin with, it’s a highly compact derringer-style handgun, 6.5” from end to end. At 1.5-pounds, you might even call it “pocket-sized.”

The second thing that makes this such a great snake gun is that it comes chambered for .45ACP/.410 from the factory. That means it has the ability to accept a true three-inch .410 shotgun shell, with buckshot even (if that’s what you desire).

With buckshot, this gun can dispatch small game, such as varmints, just as easily as it can handle a cottonmouth. The hefty crossbolt safety also you to feel free and confident to carry this gun around wherever you go.

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