Top 6 Telltale Signs it’s Time to Bug Out

Whether there’s a predicted natural disaster unfolding in your area, social upheaval, or even a political crisis, it critical that you recognize the signs that it’s time to put your survival plans into action. This is especial true if your plans involve traveling. "Bugging out" may mean going to a remote cabin, visiting relatives far away, or disappearing into the woods. … [Read more...]

Top 9 Bug-Out Vehicles Right Off the Lot (No Modifications Required)


We all know that a Humvee, Land Rover Defender or a Sherman tank and simply drive right over barricades and gridlock with ease... RELATED: Meet the Land Rover Defender: The Ultimate BOV Unfortunately, these vehicles exist in a twilight zone where mind-numbing purchase prices overlap with insanely high maintenance costs and ridiculously low MPGs. Plus, imagine trying to … [Read more...]

Top 7 Incredible and Hilarious Redneck Automotive Innovations [PICS]


Duct-tape craftsmanship and artisanal baling wire are two of our favorite hobbies here at The Patriot Caller. And of course, we believe it would be foolhardy to suggest that WD-40 is NOT an integral part of the solution to every problem mankind has ever faced... It's amazing what you can do (or do without) when you put your mind to it and engage in a little, ummm... … [Read more...]

8 Items You MUST Keep in Your Vehicle

Traffic jam with rows of cars

Bug Out Basics: Your Bug-Out Vehicle Checklist In my first "Outsmarting the Gridlock" post, I discussed the importance of building a comprehensive bug-out bag for each member of your family. Timing is crucial and there's no time to pack. But that article left out one critical piece of information: How will you actually get out of dodge? You’re not planning to hike out to … [Read more...]

Outsmart the “Bug-Out Gridlock” [Part One]

Bug Out Gridlock

In a crisis situation, panic is the only given… If you intend to "bug-out," then you must hit the roads before they become gridlocked, or even shut down by authorities. All experts agree that the first 72 hours of a crisis are the most critical. This is the time after the disaster strikes, but before aid arrives to quell the panic. What they often leave out is that: If … [Read more...]

5 Bug-Out Vehicle Essentials


Whether or not you think of your family car as a "Bug-Out Vehicle," in the event that your family needs to evacuate quickly during a crisis... it is one. Advanced survivalists put tons of blood, sweat, and tears into the fine art of crafting "the perfect B.O.V." These vehicles have 4-wheel-drive, all-terrain tires, winches, snorkels, reserve tanks, etc... As a "car guy," … [Read more...]