Top 16 Hilariously Hostile No Trespassing Signs [GALLERY]


Clever signs warning unwelcome visitors that they may be putting their lives in danger are nothing new. In fact, wasn't it King Tut that etched the very first, "You Loot, We Shoot" sign (in heiroglypics of course) into the entrance to his tomb? We're kidding of course... Many security professionals recommend placing signs in strategic places on your property. We doubt … [Read more...]

How to Cook Steaks With Molten Lava [VIDEO]


There's a virtually unlimited number of ways to cook a steak. And as long as the end result is cooked to perfection and safe to eat, they're all pretty cool in our book. Still, the steak cooking technique pioneered by this team of... whatever they are (scientists? engineers? culinary students?) is among the most outrageously cool methods we've seen. Don't you … [Read more...]