Top 10 Survival Myths That Are Actually True!


If you’re a regular here at The Patriot Caller, you know that we just love to call BS on the so-called “advice” that frequently gets passed around the campfire, water cooler, or often the inbox.

So much of what we think we know about survival — classics such as sucking out snake venom, cauterizing wounds, and drinking water from a cactus — are basically completely bogus or worse. Much of this survival folklore is actually dangerous.

Well, what about the survival tips that only sound unbelievable, yet they in fact incredibly useful?

There are almost as many of these hard to believe survival hacks as there are bogus myths.

We took a look at some of the most popular and obscure myths in order to report back to all of you about the survival tips you absolutely should pay attention to! In fact, memorizing these tips could save your life someday.

Photo by Samantha Cristoforetti

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