Top 5 Revolvers on a Budget [Under $500]

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Uberti Cattleman II – .45 LC

uberti45Here’s a change of pace that we just can’t resist bringing up.

Many shooters out there are searching for a revolver to carry, that’d be the majority. Others, a much smaller percentage, are actually shopping for a revolver that shoots like a dream. Well look no further…

For shooting enjoyment, there’s virtually nothing like plunging targets with a big ol’ single action .45 Long Colt. And while a Colt single action is far beyond the $500 mark, several “spaghetti western” competitors are right there in range. Both Uberti and Pieta make very faithful cowboy action pistols that are dead ringers for the classic John Wayne style Colt.

The Uberti even has the 4-stage (“C-O-L-T”) hammer spring set up that supposedly was the mark of a true Colt. If shooting at the range is your passion, and you have your bases covered in terms of self-defense, check one of these old West revolvers out.

RETAIL: $499

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