Top 9 Bug-Out Vehicles Right Off the Lot (No Modifications Required)

Toyota FJ Cruiser 4X4


This list wouldn’t be complete without at least mentioning this extremely capable off-roader. When you need to cross a rocky mountain pass in to escape a fiery Armageddon, you’d be lucky to find yourself at the wheel of a well-equipped FJ.

FJ’s look the part, have excellent on and off-road reputations, and they even have better than average gas mileage for the 99.999% of the time you are driving under normal circumstances.

Cool as it looks, the FJ does have a few asterisks in the fine print.

For starters, it’s got two full doors and two suicide doors (gulp). If you have small children or regularly carry passengers, these doors may occasionally inspire thoughts of ending it all.

In addition, for its bulky appearance the FJ has surprisingly limited cargo space, less than the 4Runner, Xterra, or Tahoe.

It does have more space than the Wrangler Unlimited, which is 3-feet shorter from bumper to bumper. ¬†Like most of the SUVs on this list, the FJ has a roof rack. If you use this vehicle a lot, you’ll probably use it.

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