Watch 3 Army Humvees Explode in Air Drop Gone Wrong!

Whoops! Looks like someone forgot to properly secure the parachutes to these Humvees before rolling them out of the cargo doors of these C130s… For at least 3 Humvees in this massive mishap, the picturesque green fields of Hohenfelds, Germany were the end of the line. The improperly secured Humvees, known to be incredibly heavy and tank-like, fall like anvils from the sky as they easily pull away from the parachutes intended to float them gently to the ground. Fortunately for us, there was someone there to video the mishap for our viewing pleasure! For some strange reason, the GIs […]

Top 9 Bug-Out Vehicles Right Off the Lot (No Modifications Required)

We all know that a Humvee, Land Rover Defender or a Sherman tank and simply drive right over barricades and gridlock with ease… Unfortunately, these vehicles exist in a twilight zone where mind-numbing purchase prices overlap with insanely high maintenance costs and ridiculously low MPGs. Plus, imagine trying to find a place to parallel park your Sherman tank downtown. It just ain’t gonna happen. RELATED: Meet the Land Rover Defender: The Ultimate BOV And if there’s one thing we caution against again and again, it’s investing in wildly impractical equipment in the name of preparedness. In the event of a […]

Top 6 Shells for Shooting Down Pesky Drones

Drones are a highly contentious invention for many reasons, so it is no wonder that many people are concerned about how to protect themselves and their family from potential spies. Whether it is your neighbor trying to get a peek at your food stash or the government infringing upon your rights by collecting data about your movements, the odds are high that most drones will not be merely innocently flying above you. So what can you do to ensure your privacy is secured? Some people have begun taking matters into their own hands by shooting drones out of the sky. […]

7 Ways to Prepare Your Dog for a SHTF Crisis Event

Approximately 80 million American households currently include¬†at least 1 dog, and this could become especially advantageous after the SHTF. Having your own personal “K9 Special Forces Unit” will provide you with powerful advantages¬†during an apocalyptic situation. For example, dogs are typically good at guarding their property, and they are also loyal toward their owner. Additionally, a dog will keep you company, which is a good way to stave off the mental health issues that can develop when someone becomes isolated from society. RELATED: Top 5 Guard Dog Breeds [CHECKLIST] BUT, they have to survive the SHTF crisis, and be healthy. […]

Top 8 “Shirt Pocket Pistols”

For the shooter who already has every other base covered, or at least thinks they do, there’s one more surprisingly practical category of firearms left to invest in… what we like to call the “shirt pocket pistol,” the sub-sub-compact, if you will. These diminutive little shooters don’t specialize in knockdown power, tactical prowess, or making an impression. They don’t specialize in anything but being small and lightweight, perfect for a shirt pocket. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why you might want one of these babies to carry around your property, shop, or wherever. First and foremost, pocket […]

13 Surprising TSA-Approved Preparedness Items

Since the creation of the TSA, packing your bags and heading to the airport has become a continuing source of confusion and anxiety for the American traveler. What’s allowed? What’s banned? Do I have anything in my backpack that could land me in a TSA interrogation room for the next 10 hours? This has made traveling a nightmare scenario for preppers seeking to stay prepared for anything while traveling; many important survival items won’t be allowed in your carry-on. Fortunately, there are actually several surprisingly useful items that the TSA is currently allowing people to bring on board. With a […]

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10 Crazy Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

Most people have hydrogen peroxide on hand for sanitization purposes, but it actually has a long list of functions. Due to this, every prepper and homesteader should have at least one bottle of hydrogen peroxide available at all times, and it would be wise to stock up before the SHTF. To help ensure that you are getting the most out of this highly useful substance, we have complied a list of some of the top ways to utilize hydrogen peroxide, both right now and after an emergency situation.