7 Ways to Prepare Your Dog for a SHTF Crisis Event

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Approximately 80 million American households currently include at least 1 dog, and this could become especially advantageous after the SHTF.

Having your own personal “K9 Special Forces Unit” will provide you with powerful advantages during an apocalyptic situation. For example, dogs are typically good at guarding their property, and they are also loyal toward their owner.

Additionally, a dog will keep you company, which is a good way to stave off the mental health issues that can develop when someone becomes isolated from society.

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BUT, they have to survive the SHTF crisis, and be healthy.  It’s necessary to provide them with the proper food, care, and kindness.

This may become more difficult after society begins to crumble, but there are still several prepper approved methods you can utilize to keep your four-legged friend happy and healthy.

When you consider the fact that a dog could become your security and companion in one package, it makes perfect sense to learn how to train your dog for post-apocalyptic life and how to care for Fido after pet stores and veterinarian offices have all closed down. So, let’s get started…

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