Top 5 Guard Dog Breeds

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guarddoggiesSecurity systems have proven to be effective… when it comes to making people feel safer.

But will they really help protect your family in an emergency situation? The answer is up for debate…

The problem with traditional security systems is twofold:

  1. Yard signs, motion sensor lights, and cameras attract attention to your home, especially among experienced criminals.
  2. They rely on external systems that may fail in a crisis, such as the electric grid and police response times.

In a true crisis situation, the best security systems is the one your ancestors have been relying on for thousands of years. Yes, I’m talking about security dogs.

Security dogs can detect an unwanted guest at a distance, deter that guest by barking, and even create a diversion by acting aggressively. And that’s without any training. With the proper discipline and motivation, your family dog can become a 24/7 protector of the family.

Experts break security dogs into 2 categories 1) Watch dogs 2) Guard dogs.

Watch dogs tend to be more vocal and alert, yet less weary and aggressive. Guard dogs on the other hand, have protective/territorial instincts that make them highly effective in the face of an unfamiliar intruder. These instincts can also make them a bit harder to deal with.

A guard dog can be a great family pet, but because of their size and instincts, that requires more training and responsibility on the part of the owner. Due to their size, athleticism, and bite strength alone, these dogs can cause serious injury with little effort. If a guard dog is not trained properly, he is as dangerous as a loaded gun. Of course, that’s idea…

Calling 911 will not keep you safe when an attack is in progress. The average police response time is 10 minutes. Guard dogs react instantly to intimidate and subdue a threat to his household.

In turn, this reaction can buy you valuable time to retreat, get help, or locate a weapon and confront an attacker. Security dogs, by their very nature, provide your first layer of defense. They can alert, deter, and react to a threat much faster than you could. Remember: You can call back a guard dog, but not a bullet.

If you are interested in getting a dog for protection, i.e. a guard dog, CLICK the arrow to see 5 of the most competent breeds according to the experts (in no particular order):

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