NSA Spying on You? There’s an App for That

nsa_proofIn 2013, a host of leaked documents confirmed what most patriots already suspected: The government’s alphabet soup of spying agencies — the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. — have been unconstitutionally spying on everyday Americans for years.

More recent revelations show that the NSA steals over 200 Million “untargeted” text messages each and every day.

Now that we know for a fact that the US government is collecting massive reserves of our personal data everyday through our smartphones… and they don’t seem too apologetic about it… they question then becomes: What can we do about it?

Technology to the Rescue?

Most of us are familiar with the concept of leaving a paper trail. These trails consist of data that we leave behind as we go about our lives. If we were ever to come under investigation for anything, a judge could subpoena that information to be used against you in court. Otherwise, it’s just sitting there, harmless and inert.

Part of what the government has been collecting on you and me through our mobile phones is similar. It’s a very broad spectrum of information about a broad spectrum of the population.

However, if they feel the need to investigate your for any reason, they can zoom in on the information and tell exactly where you were when you sent a text message at 3:21 PM last Friday… who it was addressed to… and what it said.

Suffice to say, our “data trail” is like a paper trail on steroids.

The answer to the question, what can we do about it, is to cover your tracks on a daily basis. Don’t worry, you don’t need to start living like you’re in a spy novel… you simply need to download an app for your phone.

Top 3 Encryption Apps

These apps are developed offshore, beyond the reach of the Patriot Act. In fact, these apps are designed to actually protect your privacy from snoops (gov’t or otherwise). And they make the process incredibly simple.

When you use your smartphone for calls or text messaging, these apps encrypt the data to make it incredibly difficult to trace. That way, crooks, scammers, and even the NSA can’t access your personal data without a very concerted effort. Poof! You’re off the radar…

According to Michael Janke, CEO of SilentCircle, it would take “All of the world’s supercomputers put together 44 years to break the encryption of a single message.”

The top 3 encryption apps are:

  • Silent Circle (Silent Phone, Silent Text) This app was developed by two ex-Navy SEALs and a legend in the field of cryptology. The app is FREE in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Encrypted WiFi calling is free. Subscriptions ($10/month) are required for full functionality.    Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android
  • Red Phone This easy to use app has a lot of the same benefits that Silent Circle offers, minus the subscription fee and the slick functionality. Red Phone seems to work best on older devices and operating systems, like the developer is always rushing to catch up (they probably are) with all of the new iPhone and Android software updates.     Availability: iPhone, Android
  • Seecrypt Seecrypt offers voice calling and text messaging encryption, but not emails (yet). The app is free to use for the first 3 months and you get 3 additional free months each time your refer a friend to Seecrypt. After 3 months, the price is a measly $3/month, money well-spent. [Watch the video below for more info]    Availability: iPhone, Android




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  1. Christopher Fox

    Isn’t it funny that the Feds are using our tax money against us. Instead of closing the borders and stopping the illegal immigration, they do this nonsense. We are guilty until proven innocent. It is time to call what the feds. All branches Executive, Legislative and Judicial are committing treason by their illegal distortion of the constitution. I feel like the government has been infiltrated with the Nazi’s that had escaped to south america. Since the borders are so easily crossed who knows who has passed through and the Feds are not doing anything about it. Seems pretty fishy to me. It is time to start a recall of the government. We have seen who the real criminals are. They are supported by their henchment the alphabet soup as you called it. There are quota’s on who comes into the country. Aren’t the ones that have the right to say who stays and who is not allowed?

    Take away our freedom of speech, or do the illegal surveliance. Nothing legal seems to be condoned by the Feds. Take away the right to bear arms and we become an easy mark to be taken over. 19 million illegals? Hmm this is quite a standing army to use against us. It is time to act. Time to start recall proceedings. Say we can’t hmm another right taken from us. It ain’t going to happen.

    Isn’t all this what happened slowly in Nazi land? or Russia. I think we need to look at the government for the traitors and subversive. Wake up America before there are no rights left or a constitution.

    The military is a large part of the budget. What have they accomplished? We haven’t won a conflict since WWII and that we almost lost due to running out of money. What are they doing to us now. Helping us to run out of money so when we really get in a bind we can’t support a true need. The Joint Chiefs seem pretty useless. They like spending our money for what results? I wouldn’t doubt that they are the cause of most of our grief? Did I leave anyone out?

    After seeing the results of both parties, oh add the Tea Party, they too are pretty useless and harmful to the American people. Those in religions too. It isn’t about humanity, it is about petty ideologies that are destroying my right just to live and be productive. It is time to stop the prepardness and start removing the these monsters. Not by fighting though it may come to that but by opening elections or rather recall proceedings.

    When the Feds turned agains Arizonia that was the final clue. Arizonia has it’s own sovernty and has the right to restore order that the Feds refuse to help with. The solution just to give free citizenship to those that never wanted to follow legal channels to become citizenship. They take the gravy and leave us with their BS. Illegals have to go. They have no allegence to our country, the steal our homes, food, education and how much of our money is sent back to send in more illegals while they provide the way stations for the next batch. Who are these people? Nasty diseases. Rapists, murderers, drug dealers. Who are these people? Voters for the next democrat or is it the republicans? It doesn’t seem to matter to either entity. The illegals get education while for our own folks that have worked hard all their lives can’t get a decent education for our own kids. I smell a rat. I think Mexico government or even the drug dealers have bought our politician. Sure seems so with the reluctance to stop the illegals and giving them every benefit they can at our expense.
    If they can’t speak english get them out. I worked in the hospital years ago and was doing an EKG on a woman who could not speak english so her hispanic son came in to interpret. I asked the son how long has his mom lived in Sedro Woolley? He said 25 years. She lived in this country for 25 years and was to lazy to learn the language? I have had enough of the gangs, drive by shootings, gang graffiti I was having a cable put in by Comcast. The 3 workers came to my house to put the cable underground. I needed to tell them about a gas line, and drain lines but not one of them could speak english. I live in Mount Vernon Washington.. Poor way to do business. This can go on and on. We had diseases that we thought were irradicated but are here now and worst than ever. Where do you suppose they came from?

    At least the state of Washington got the collapse bridge on I-5 back in operation and completion from temporary to permanent will be way under budget. They got that part right, however, having the state of a lot of bridges in the same state or worse and not fixing the problem also shows that important things don’t matter. Our safety as citizens or just in general are earmarked for extinction. Do you know who really is running this country? Anyone out there that can do a better job?
    Government need to follow the rules set up.

    I keep seeing about self preservation but in a true disaster we will all need to work together just to survive. We need to set up those to run things, keep order, do the needed tasks such as growing gathering food, having clean water, some sort of security entity. In other words we need to get back to normalcy minus the big brother crap. Maybe it isn’t so wrong to create our own country that starts from the mississippi river to the Pacific and do it right.

    I see no confidence in the Feds and they seem to keep getting caught with their pants down

    Do I go to Canada or just put a bullet in my head. This nonsense has gone on way to long. It is just as easy to follow the rule/constitution unless there is a silent agenda that the Feds have that they forgot to tell us about but we must still pay for it! Recall, Recall. The power is in the people.

  2. I am interested in my privacy.

  3. cyril lichtensteiger

    Do not have website.

  4. Christopher Fox

    Wake up America before it is too late;

    Everyone needs to contact their senators and representative and tell them if the illegal aliens are not escorted out, if the survelliance of innocent american citizens doesn’t stop, if they can’t do their jobs, if the IRS is not reformed then we will recall you. Are they just traitors of incompetent. Since it seems they can’t follow the constitution and the spirit of the American People they need to resign. Who is really pulling their strings? It made me wonder after seeing the movie Salt, who really are our in our government. People like Pallin needs to be censored and removed from politics. Can you trust someone who has the confidence of the People of Alaska and how does she repay them? She bails for another agenda. Not trustworthy in my book, who next will she bail on?

  5. Chris,
    I understand your point about contacting our congressmen and women and I would also encourage evryone to do just that. But, I truly believe it is pointless because I think there is already a game plan in place and most of our “leaders” are privy to what is going to happen in the near future. The point is, very few will be inclined to rock the boat by taking a stand contrary to what the party line is giving them. They just want to maintain the status quo and keep their power position.
    What will happen? I have no clue what exactly could be the trigger. Maybe a financial crisis. Or an attack by the islamic terrorist favoured by our “president”. But the end result will be a declaration of martial law which will put obummer in a dictatorial position. You think things are bad now? We ain’t seen nuthing yet.

  6. Something to consider, which Oli might not be aware of, or may have a solution for is the following article which
    I just received this morning —
    From NaturalNews.com June 20, 2013
    Google has acquired a 512-bit quantum computer from a company called D-Wave. This computer
    will be deployed in a network of self-learning machines that will eventually take over the NSA and run the surveillance state.
    All human analysts will be eliminated. Skynet (from the “Terminator”) is about to become a reality:

    Excerpt from Naturalnews.com article:
    The ultimate code breakers
    If you know anything about encryption, you probably also realize that quantum computers are the secret KEY to unlocking all encrypted files. As I wrote about last year here on Natural News, once quantum computers go into widespread use by the NSA, the CIA, Google, etc., there will be no more secrets kept from the government. All your files — even encrypted files — will be easily opened and read.

  7. When I thought this was to win the wars , I was fooled , that is the so called patriot act . The concept of big brother – the evil big brother , was defined by the US Supreme Court in the Citizen Bank case . This one act defined the government
    by another group or person includle cororations who could buy an election and their idenitity would not be revealed .
    The second aspect is that terrorism was redefined as being good for the USA as it kept our services not from winning 2 wars but engaged in War . This was war to make the war industries rich. Support the Troops became a tool for
    politicans who wanted to make war to have these industries support the politicians . The speeches Bush made about
    going into any country who supported terrorism was a bunch of crap . This was proved by various documentaries on TV where the Taliban were working with Terrorist Group as a second government in Pakistan especially in the Farm areas and the mountains . Also the two leaders were interviewed by Charilie Rose and the war was defined as giving aide and especially military aide to these two nations in the first year of Obama and this airing was only after meeting with Obama so the quotes as to a war we were supposed to support which Obama promised to end was actually an aide given away program in money for the right to conduct war games in a no possible way of winning a war . Now the Taliban want to exchange prisioneers and be part of Pakistan and back in Afganistan again as now a sanctioned second government
    by the United States . Under these facts there was no reason to fight these wars . Iraq was a joke with false claims
    of weapons of mass destruction . , and Iraq became a country to rebuild or to supply so war games could continue . .
    For those of you stupid enough to believe that your sevice was in vain , I certainly do not mean , not supporting
    the USA against real foreign threats . or that some who give up their lives or limbs for this country should not be honored . I am not talking of this . The concept that some politican threw their lives away I would agree with , but not the concept that is true in every country that there has to some men who will battle for thein nation. The problem is this country went corrupt by two political parties . The Partiot act to spy on those who are terrorist in the US makes sense , but it is not being used for this because the objectives is not to stop terrorism but to build the supporters of the war machines of this country for the sake of profit . This corruption is being done on many levels . The conecpt of too big
    to fail made the US conspire to put all of the owner of GM stock into permanent bankructcy and go into business with
    the administrators of GM , and the UAW. The UAW and the Adminstrators or officials of GM bankrupted the company , so
    instead of working with the shareholders , the US Government reverese all B. Law and worked with the Creditors of GM , to kill the shareholder , and the destoyers of GM , the administrators of GM and the UAW , to Kill the Shareholders with the use of a corrupt court who was given this new power to fired the shareholder and steal the owners rights for itself plus going into business with the UAW and the Administrators of the prior GM. This by the way is called Communism when done by Peoples Republic of China , but not in Obama land or by Republicans . By the way B.Courts rights are to protect the owners . GM filled Ch 11 B. which meant itis owners were supposed to come out of B. with the origiinal owners , and settle with the creditors . When the government enter in they , the Obama ADl reverse all Bankruptcy law , and worked for the killing of the rights of the owners or shareholders in favor of their own right and the rights of
    those who had raped the company and should have fired and or held accountable for their part in destruction of GM.

  8. We would be better off with a flat national sales tax and no income or excise taxes of any kind. Then disband our “friendly” gestapo The IRS.

  9. I am interested in being protected but have no idea what to do next.


  10. I am interested in being protected. Where do I get the app for my phone and/or computer?

  11. The power is Gods. The people can’t do anything without HIS approval, or say so. I suggest that we ALL begin to pray if we don’t already, and pray daily and earnestly if we want true change. We can’t do anything without God on our side. It’s history; all the battles and wars that were won in the bible had God on their side. Don’t take my word for it – read it for yourselves! We want a change in Washington we have to pray for it and vote for it. Mostly pray. God Bless America. America Strong.

  12. What a joke! Pray to God? Absurd! The people can do as they will, with or without this invisible man, known as God! Cut the God crap….it’s time to stop the fiction!

  13. I am hesitant to even put my name on here, but I feel compelled to chime in. Contacting any Congressman or Representative I don’t believe a single word that comes from any of their mouths or letters. They are all in the game of the huge corporate-government plan. Not one of them will make any effort at all to stop what is already happening, the take down of free American’s. Watch, 911 conspiracy solved on Youtube, that is just the tip of the iceberg. They aren’t representing any one of us, and they haven’t for a very long time. We’ve all been fed government propaganda since we came out of the womb, and we were all registered away as wards of the State, evedenced by our Birth Certificate. So, unless masses of us, quit our jobs and demand that we are cut free from ALL of the fraudulent supposed contracts that they have forced upon us to further tax us and keep us enslaved to their corporate Profits before all else system. Then we will never change anything. We can’t fight them with violence, they have way more firepower, we can stop paying them, that’s how they get us. So, until I see any mass movement of people that get educated and refuse to go along with all their phony codes and statutes, meaning, Driver’s licenses, plates on your cars, Income taxes, the Federal Reserve Notes. All of it needs to go, and so with all of the phony, liars that are in all possitions of State run offices. They all need to go.

  14. I agree with Diane Murphy. We need to put God back into our country. I thought America was a country that was land of the free but my granddaughter can not even pray over her food or talk about Christ at School. He created this world we live in and Christ gave his life so we could be saved from what’s about to come up on this earth. So the real person you need to talk to is Jesus Christ Your Saviour. Because in the very end every knee is going to bow. God Bless you all

  15. Derrick,
    My name is Rick Stroup. It’s
    Not God crap as you referred it to!
    God is on the Throne in Heaven with
    His Father God! And it’s a fact, HE
    GOD. I my belief, GOD IS NOT THE
    INVISIBLE MAN, He is very much alive
    We will Spend Eternity with THEM, As CHristians
    Because We Follow HIS COMMANDMENTS
    God made each of us, made the entire
    Places of time, AND SPACE, and HE
    has a plan for the end of this earth and all
    Unbelievers as well as BELIEVER’S!!!
    I don’t force my Belief in THE ONE TRUE
    GOD! And really do not believe in Religion
    Because it’s A man made Doctrines
    IT’s the only Word Of Truth w/o The
    Attempts by man to add to and take away


  16. Jeanni responds to Rick Stroup:

    Amen. One day, sooner than we think, Jesus Christ will return. Every knee WILL bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord of all. Now is the time to choose Him while alive on this earth. He has opened the door for all to come to this saving knowledge. The Book of John is a great place to start on a journey to know who our Heavenly Father is and how much He loves us and what He has prepared for us..
    No man can come to Him except through Jesus Christ.
    Now that in itself is worth investigating!

  17. Derek, be very careful of what you say! God is real!. The world is going to become a very bad place if you don’t have Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. He died for you. He loves you. The time is growing short. He will be coming back for us soon. After that, you will wish you had listened to the truth.

  18. I have been telling people what was going to happen in the 60’s and believe me everyone thought I was crazy.
    I have been in the entertainment industry all my life. The first movie I was in was up for Academy Award, I thought after all the years for hard word, study and self sacrifice It was my time to relax. NOT TRUE!
    I was all of a sudden invited to all kinds of parties and quickly found out that if you don’t play the drug game you will not get work. I didn’t and did not get work. I have traveled around the world four times and entertained the people, it was terribly hard on my marriage so I decided not to travel any more and started teach voice. I would not accept a job in a collage because knew it was too busy controlling the minds of all who attended. Here is a fact for you to ponder upon. In 1909 anyone who graduated from high school had a better educating than anyone who graduates from college today. I know exactly how it was done and why. I see I have limited time to go further. It is true that God is truly unhappy with what is going on. It takes TRUTH AND PEACE to understand TRUE LOVE. Globalist want 7 out of 10 people dead on the planet so they can control the cattle..

  19. I have stated it as simple as possible. There is a lot more. For over 42 years have been teaching my vocal students how to fee and think in peace and did not realize it myself untill just a few months ago. My students are in show business, doctors, lawyers – – you name it. But I wound not accent any employment from UCLA, USC and more simply because I will not be told what my students are going to sing. Song to not make a singer! It take a lot of hard work to do that. No teacher in the world can give you a voice, God did that. But the truly gifted singers are spiritual beings stuck in a physical body and the body is what supports the singer. The ones who do not study all lose their voice and end up with nothing or dead. I know because I have coached two Academy Award Shows, spent five years on the strip coaching the singers on the strip. True singing comes from the heart, therefore one must learn stand in what they don’t know, even though they don’t know what they don’t know. I heard two Globalists metings from my office in the Rivera Hotel in Vegas and know what what I am talking about.

  20. I did notice the dates on the posts above. However you all are missing a couple rather important points. First point … Christians, ramming our beliefs down the throats of others creates problems. Few people will listen. They will ignore the message or become really angry, tell you to go straight to hell AND THEN WON’T LISTEN TO ANY MORE about Christ and what happens when you aren’t saved. I’m a Christian and I didn’t like your rabid comments. Next point SATAN is real and grows stronger daily. Hello? When he left Heaven didn’t he take a third of the other angels with him. Duh… They sign up bazillions who aren’t Christians and a lot of people who say they are Christian. Satan has power and a lot of help. The tribulation isn’t just coming. We are up to our ankles in it. Things will become a lot worse before we hear the trumpets. Last point you wonder why our service persons are in other countries and getting killed? The United Nations tells us where to go and we send our children, husbands, wives where they want us to be. Beware of the UN and their articles. They are really into the One World, One Religion etc. N’uff said. Do your Homework!!!

  21. Ken you are right but left out a bit. Check out my post.

  22. It sure sounds like you have decided to believe the garbage spewed out but the liberal media. Yeah, not all that comes from the District of Criminals is good, perhaps most of it isn’t. As they used to say on X-Files, the truth is out there. I have found there is information, mis-information and dis-information! It is surely hard to see the real fruit for all fake stuff out there. The really sad part is, the ones most sincerely concerned about all the garbage coming from our so called government, are most vulnerable to deception. I.E., they will believe without question, anything that comes from “patriot” sources, so that makes it gospel right? I’m afraid not! there is real info, info that they just plain got wrong, and there is info that is in fact malicious garbage put out by our enemies, to keep us chasing our tails! Then there is the inevitable “telephone/ rumors game”; someone tells something, you pass it on and so on, until it bears no semblance to what was originally said! The problem is folks, this is not a game!
    Incidentally, don’t believe that lib crap about there not being any weapons in Saddam’s possession! High ranking officials know perfectly well the Russian special forces gathered all that hours before we attacked, and brought it into Syria. Where do you think they got the chemical weapons they have been using on their own people the last couple of years? Get your facts straight! regurgitating the media garbage only serves to make us all look really stupid, thus making it less likely certain skeptics from coming into our way of thinking.

  23. We all have a right of choice, we can believe in God or not. I personally wish to believe in the only thing that makes sense, is actually mathematically possible, and does in fact go along with real science! If you wish to believe in the ferry tales they pass off as science in the public schools, when in fact it is not real science at all, then that sir is your choice. However, it is not such a good idea to diss people whom you may end up depending on one day, so you may want to tone it down a bit. As I said, you have a choice, you can be an ignorant, compliant sheople if you want!

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