Top 8 “Shirt Pocket Pistols”

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For the shooter who already has every other base covered, or at least thinks they do, there’s one more surprisingly practical category of firearms left to invest in… what we like to call the “shirt pocket pistol,” the sub-sub-compact, if you will.

These diminutive little shooters don’t specialize in knockdown power, tactical prowess, or making an impression. They don’t specialize in anything but being small and lightweight, perfect for a shirt pocket. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why you might want one of these babies to carry around your property, shop, or wherever.

First and foremost, pocket pistols allow you to carry a firearm without the inconvenience of a holster. While some folks love feeling the weight of a Glock in their shoulder holsters, others find it totally annoying. In addition, should you ever need to pull it in a tense moment, reaching into a shirt pocket is far less obvious than going for a boot pistol.

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The criteria for these pistols is very narrow. They must be small enough and light enough to comfortably fit inside a regular shirt pocket. What they don’t require, however, is long-range accuracy. These are a last resort self-defense weapon and little more.

So here they are, in no particular order…

Photo by James Case

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