Top 9 Bug-Out Vehicles Right Off the Lot (No Modifications Required)

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Toyota 4Runer 4WD

If the Wrangler lacks the ride quality, comfort, or cargo space you need, the 4Runner might just hit the spot. Posing as an everyday commuter, turn the 4×4 dial on one of these Toyotas and your kid-hauler transforms immediately into an off-roading beast.

The 4Runner comes standard with roof racks, which may come in handy in a bug-out situation. It’s also got a surprising amount of cargo space, especially when you fold the back seats down. Some 4Runners are even outfitted with 3rd row seating, which we’d avoid unless you absolutely need it, because they 3rd row really eats up a lot of cargo space.

In addition to the creature comforts and off roading capabilities of the 4Runner, this vehicle also has the reputation for being bomb-proof in the reliability department. A quick look at your local used 4Runner listings will typically yield several vehicles with over 200K miles that are described as “low mileage” or “drives like new.”

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