15 Amazingly Ridiculous Redneck Automotive Repairs [PHOTOS]

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Ruggedized Dash Controls

In the old days, that shiny metallic stuff on cars that looks like metal… was METAL. Now it’s all plastic of course. Unless, of course, you go to the hardware store and get you one of these handy conversion kits!

Child Safety Has Certainly Evolved…

Lots of drivers completely forget how important it is to do routine maintenance on your spare tire.

What better reminder is there than strapping your kid’s car seat to it? This will give you several chances a day to do quick eyeball test on your spare.

Next time you get a flat, you’ll be prepared…

Who Needs a Roof Rack?


Roof racks are quite useful. In fact, once you purchase one for your vehicle, you’ll most likely find new ways to use it to free up interior space for passengers. That’s what this woman did. Only, she skipped the whole roof rack altogether and opted for a temporary duct tape solution.

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