Cottonmouthzilla: This Will Make You Think Twice About Swimming in the Creek [VIDEO]

Look at what these hunters stumbled onto while planting a duck hole last season. Cottonmouths (AKA water moccasins) typically grow to between 30 and 48 inches, occasionally as long as 74 inches long, according to the Smithsonian National Zoo. How long do you think “Cottonmouthzilla” is judging from the video? Water moccasins are highly venomous and are known to stand their ground when they feel threatened. This specimen, however, appears to be so thick and massive that it’s hard for the creature to even get around. RELATED: Will a Bite from This Snake Kill You? [QUIZ] Little is known about the typical life […]

Do Yourself a Favor and Watch “The Important Places” [VIDEO]

Mainstream media is full of sappy, manipulative, and overly emotional videos aimed at making you donate or buy into some cause, movement, or trend. These would-be tear jerkers make us angry, usually because they take their ability to motivate you for granted… Well, here’s some good news… “The Important Places” is not one of those. While this video about a son and his aging father on a 28-day rafting trip may get your a little misty-eyed, especially with Father’s Day coming up, odds are you will agree with every idea put forth this short film by Forest Woodward. One idea […]

Top 5 Hiking Boots that Don’t Cost a Fortune

Whether you are a hunter, hiker, or you simply love to bushwhack your way through some pretty rough country every now and then, it’s vital to have a good pair of hiking boots. After all, this can make it easier to deal with everything from slippery terrain to avoiding the pain and possible poison that can be affiliated with bites from bugs and snakes. Unfortunately, many of the top rated hiking boots are ridiculously expensive, and this can make preppers feel like it is impossible to fulfill this basic survival need. However, there are some bargains available that will still […]

Recipe Genius: How to Cook Bacon on a Shotgun Barrel [VIDEO]

Two of our favorite things have now been combined into the most amazing recipe mankind has ever known. That’s right, bacon and shotguns have joined forces… thanks to YouTube user MattV2099. Why would anyone ever do this? Perhaps the better question is: Why has no ever thought of this until now… The firearm selected for this recipe is the Saiga-12, an excellent choice on account of its unique magazine-fed design, capable of firing up to 12 rounds in semi-auto mode. That’s ideal if you need to blast your way through an army of zombies… or you intend to cook bacon on […]

Dog and Deer Best Friends Will Put a Smile on Your Face, Guaranteed [VIDEO]

Cross-species friendships are pretty uncommon in the animal kingdom, particularly when neither best friend is human AND one of the two is a completely undomesticated whitetail deer! Even if you hunt deer, or even if you use dogs to hunt deer, you have to admit that this video is ridiculously heartwarming. RELATED: Hilarious Hunting Prank: You’ll Never Believe This [VIDEO] This dog and deer combo became a YouTube sensation when this video was first aired. Since then, a followup video (below) proves that their friendship has stood the test of time.  

5 Flashlights That Will Make Your Buddies Jealous [PICS]

Every hunter, prepper, and tactical shooting enthusiast needs to have a high-quality flashlight in his arsenal. Heck, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep at least two good light sources you can depend on charged and ready at all times. You never know when you are going to need a good light source, and being able to quickly illuminate the area could save your life. Although you could go to a dollar store and pick up a cheap flashlight, this isn’t the one you want to take into the backcountry. Instead, you will want to invest in a high quality flashlight that […]

Meet the Land Rover Defender: The Ultimate Bug-Out Vehicle? [VIDEO]

This Land Rover camper-conversion by Alu-Cab (Codename: Icarus) caught our eye, not simply because it looks like it could survive a fall from the top of Mt. Everest, but because it’s the first Land Rover we’ve seen that can comfortably accommodate sleeping humans. If you’re into short wheel base 4×4 vehicles you know just how rare that is… The rooftop tent with a built in bed takes less than 20 seconds to set up or take down. And as you can see, it’s pretty dang spacious for what it is. In addition, it has two built-in (dust-proof) side compartments: One […]

10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Pesky Bugs

The study of entomology can be fascinating, but the last thing that you want to deal with in your home or garden is a bug problem. However, using pesticides can be dangerous, and recent studies have linked the dwindling bee population to the presence of neonicotinoids. To help avoid these issues, you can take advantage of numerous natural solutions that can repel or even kill the pests that strive to destroy your gardening and food storage efforts.

How to Collect Wild Honey (The Mostly Pain-Free Method)

Honey is delicious, and many people love adding it to their tea and certain types of food. However, the process of collecting honey is not one that should be taken lightly. Even if you are a beekeeper, it can be dangerous to extract honey from a honeycomb. This process becomes even more complicated if you choose to go after a bee hive that you find in the wild. The reality is that this could eventually become your best resource for obtaining honey, so it is imperative to understand the best way to undertake this task without risking your safety. Please […]

86-Year-Old Sniper Veteran Still Has Deadly Accuracy [VIDEO]

The longest recorded sniper kill was shot from a distance of 2,706 yards by Corporal Craig Harrison in November 2009, but this feat was accomplished by an active soldier with modern technology on his side. Meanwhile, when 86-year-old veteran Ted Gundy served as a sniper during WWII, records were not even being kept yet in order to determine how far of a range these expert marksman had. Gundy saw action during WWII at the Battle of the Bulge and many other campaigns, so it is no wonder that he was recently honored by the United States Army Markmanship Unit with […]