6 Alternative Uses for Tea Tree Oil

The legend of tea tree oil or the oil produced from the Melaleuca Alternofolia, has been passed down for thousands of years by the native indigenous aborigines of Australia.  It is only recently that the healing benefits of Tea Tree Oil have been catching on outside of the Aboriginal communities and  is being hailed as a miracle. Today, many homeowners are searching for more “all natural” products  in their every day lives, and the  solutions and  health benefits of tea tree oil are once again being recognized.  The report below illustrates some of the ways Tea Tree Oil is being […]

How to Make a DIY Hidden Book Compartment: Step-by-Step

Cutting a secret compartment into an old hard cover is a method old as time… You might say it’s the oldest trick in the book. However, let me ask you this: If a burglar were to break into your home while you’re away, do you think your bookcase would be the first place they’d look? Or the last? I doubt you’d find a single career thief who would admit to going straight to the bookcase. Desk drawers, safes, and jewelry boxes are simply miles above hard cover books on the list of targets. What’s more, “Book Safes” are incredibly easy […]

Top 10 Lessons Every Prepper Can Learn from The Walking Dead

“The Walking Dead” is much more than just an entertaining zombie show that regularly smashes television ratings records. It is also a good primer about many of the things that preppers should and should not do in the event of a major disaster. After all, Rick Grimes and the rest of his crew have made a lot of mistakes along the way, and this has cost many people their lives. However, the core group continues to survive, and this is primarily due to their survival skills and willingness to adapt to life during the zombie apocalypse. Have you taken the show’s […]

Introducing the 600 Round 9mm Assault Clip [VIDEO]

In the quest for true advancements in the world of firearms technology, there are trendsetters and there are outliers. And while the trend for manufacturers is ever greater ammo capacities, we’re pretty sure that this design isn’t quite ready for mass production. Still, we’ll ask you shooters out there this very important question: Aren’t you sick and tired of those puny 16-round stock magazines? According to this video, these “low-capacity” magazines are out… and 600-rounders are in! Sure, you may need some type of dolly to carry around your ammo, and a trip to the range may be enough to give […]

9 Easiest Veggies for Beginners

x Getting off the grid isn’t just about electricity. If you truly want to be self-sufficient, you have to get off the “food grid.” Shopping at your local farmers market is not enough… The local farmer’s market is a very good resource, however, because it helps you learn about what kinds of veggies are grown on local farms. It also puts you in contact with others who can help give you guidance as your start planting your own survival garden. Gardening is a learning process, to say the least. You’ll never know it all, but you want to avoid getting […]

10 Survival Foods You Should Be Growing

x Gardening, whether it’s hydroponic, aquaponic, or traditional, is an essential survival skill. No matter how much food you have in storage, unless it can clone itself, it’s entirely finite. Even if it’s entirely secure and pumped so full of preservatives it could last a hundred years, it’s not truly sustainable. In fact, a diet loaded with heavy preservatives may send you to an early grave… No to mention, eating a diet consisting of bland, tasteless MREs may drive you insane. Remember, Columbus and other explorers were searching for more efficient routes to feed Europe’s cravings for spices. Food is […]

Top 15 Places to Store Your Survival Food

x Food storage is an essential part of any crisis plan, but where do you store all of those supplies? What if you live in an apartment that’s somewhat challenged in the square footage department? Where are you going to store all of that food? Unless you invest in compact food buckets with a  shelf life of 25+ years, there are a surprising number of considerations that go into the process. Each storage location has a unique set of pros and cons. Basements, closets, furniture, attics, storage sheds… all of these can vary widely in temperature, humidity, etc. Here’s a […]

Top 7 Food Hoarding Blunders

x Q: What’s better than a survival food cache?  A: A survival food cache that you can actually use in a crisis… You might think I’m being disingenuous, but I’m really not. Creating a survival food cache takes a lot more effort than just piling up some canned goods in the hall closet. And believing you have a comprehensive food cache when you really don’t can be more dangerous than not having one at all. Not only should you spend some time thinking about nutritional needs and how your store foods can be used to make actual meals… there are countless other considerations that […]

Get Home Bag Vs. Bug-Out Bag [Urban Survival]

x You’ve heard of the “bug-out bag,” the “go bag,” and the “72-hour bag.” Lately, I’ve noticed an uptick in chatter regarding about something called the “Get Home Bag.” Seriously, how many bags is a guy (or gal) supposed to have? Sheesh. Not to mention, if you’re going to keep weapons in each of these bags, that’s a lot to keep track of… Not to paint with too broad a brush, but I’m guessing that you’re not the type of person with 12 different pair of black dress shoes, one for each nuanced occasion. But that doesn’t mean you should […]

The BIGGEST Mistake Preppers Make

x While you’re taking some time to review your preparedness plans for 2014, it’s crucial that you don’t make the #1 prepper mistake of all-time. It’s a very easy oversight to make, especially for survivalists… In fact, I think it may be a natural byproduct of the preparedness mindset. What is it? Most of us dream of a remote cabin retreat, a “safe house” of sorts, where we can escape all the madness and civil unrest in the event of an extended crisis. We can almost smell the timber, the campfire… we can almost taste the fresh well water. We […]