10 Survival Foods You Should Be Growing

Gardening, whether it’s hydroponic, aquaponic, or traditional, is an essential survival skill. No matter how much food you have in storage, unless it can clone itself, it’s entirely finite.

Even if it’s entirely secure and pumped so full of preservatives it could last a hundred years, it’s not truly sustainable. In fact, a diet loaded with heavy preservatives may send you to an early grave…

No to mention, eating a diet consisting of bland, tasteless MREs may drive you insane. Remember, Columbus and other explorers were searching for more efficient routes to feed Europe’s cravings for spices. Food is critical, no matter how you slice it…

Fresh produce is something you can enjoy both now and in a SHTF. In an infrastructure collapse, a productive garden would be incredibly valuable. Here’s the thing though, there’s a learning curve.

That’s why it’s important to start learning this stuff now. My advice is to join a club or online community like ours (Homsteading Aquaponics) where you can learn growing techniques from others in your area. Start practicing the basics and learning all of the tricks that will enable you to become a master gardening.

Here are the top 10 survival foods to consider growing:


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